Is National Debt Relief A Scam?

National Debt Relief is a company that bases itself upon the ability to help consumers reduce the amount of debt owed to creditors. They offer a variety of services and can be seen in many places online. You may be wondering if they are a scam. There are some accusations by some ‘reviewers’ that were mostly based upon some customers not having the results they expected. What wasn’t taken into consideration for these customers was the amount of debt accrued along with the necessary budget or willingness to satisfy those debts.

Services Offered by National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief offers a wide variety of services and work on many platforms to reduce the amount of debt owed to creditors. Some of the items worked with by this company on your behalf are major credit cards including department store credit cards, veterinarian bills over $500, judgments that are at least 6 months old and back rent from a prior living situation. These are just a few of the services offered. Some unsecured personal loans and gas/fuel credit card accounts can also be worked with. Common delinquencies such as old cell phone accounts and older vehicle repossessions are also qualified services offered by National Debt Relief

Benefits of Using National Debt Relief’s Services

One of the biggest benefits of working with National Debt Relief is that the burden of dealing with and speaking to creditors is off of you. Their experts look at your finances; the amount of debt owed and works with both you and the creditor to settle on an amount for repayment. The amount of the payments, as well as the frequency, is based upon the funds you have available to offer the company as a settlement. The professionals at National Debt Relief know how far to push a creditor and how to negotiate to get that final debt down. These major benefits are reason enough to seek their assistance. One benefit that is often forgotten about is that there are no upfront fees associated with using the company. Your single payment per month once a settlement is reached is included in the payment sent.

This company shows you what your options are. There is no pressure to continue with the program if you decide that debt settlement is not the right option for you. On their website is a plethora of information that explains every step of the process, an in-depth look at the services provided and what is expected by federal agencies regarding their services. Nothing is hidden from any client. National Debt Relief offers several ways for customers to speak with specialists, including via phone and live Internet chat. Specialists can also be contacted via email if that is your preference.

Disadvantages of the Service

There are instances when you are not going to get what you want. Not every creditor is going to want to bargain with a debt reduction service. Some simply want what is owed to them and to be paid in full from one payment. You have to be willing to accept the fact that everything is not going to go your way, creditors are unpredictable sometimes. The other disadvantage is relinquishing control to someone else over one of your credit accounts. The fate of your credit lies in their hands.

While making payments on time does help your credit as you begin to rebuild, missing a payment is reported to credit bureaus and does negatively impact any progress that you have made. Another negative point to take into consideration, if you stop making payments, you are losing the help of National Debt Relief.

Why some Consumers Think it’s a Scam

Consumers can be leery of sending in a payment to National Debt Relief instead of sending that money to the creditors. The payments that are sent in reflect the amount paid to National Debt Relief for their services as well as the amounts to be sent to the creditor/s settled with.

The fact is nothing is paid up front ever. Some consumers also did not take into consideration that once a debt is paid off, reporting that information to credit bureaus does take time. It is not an instantaneous action once your final payment is sent.

Using an Alternative Option

One alternative is trying to negotiate with creditors on your own. That is not always the best idea because you may not know just how much a collection agency is making off of you. If you are not working directly with the creditor, it can be additional money lost. Using a service such as National Debt Relief shows you proven results and can have you debt free in 48 months or less depending on the program plan you are comfortable with. Trying to do this with another service or on your own is likely to take much longer. Some people suffering from major debt automatically look toward bankruptcy. Not only does this make financing anything for years impossible, you are completely starting over with your credit. By using a service such as National Debt Relief, you are simply rebuilding what is already there and showing new or potentially new creditors that you were in a slump and worked hard to get out of it.

Proof that National Debt Relief is not a scam is shown by their proven track record, positive customer reviews and continued growth. Results obtained for thousands of clients also proves that this is a trustworthy company to turn to for debt relief and debt reduction services. While the BBB does not attest to the credibility of a business directly, showing the resolutions to complaints shows that National Debt Relief is a real company that does its best to satisfy everyone that contacts them. The results that this company gets for each client does vary but their statistics and satisfaction rate are proven. Contact National Debt Relief today to help you get out of credit card debt.

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